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Our Mission is simple - provide clean healthy food without additives, preservatives, extensive processing...all the stuff that sucks the life and nutrition out of what

we eat. We grow the mushrooms, so we know what goes into

them so you get the most out of them.

Our food supply is being homogenized into fewer and larger

food manufatcurers. Which means they have more and more

control over what goes into what we eat. And high quality

ingredients are not always their top priority. For us it

absolutely is. We can't always accomodate every

dietary need, but we can promise we will

never put junky inferior ingredients into

what we present to you!

Let's face it...some foods in this category can

be a little, um not so tasty?!?

We are on a secondary mission to make our products so

delicious, the people in your household who aren't plant-based

will love them too!

There are many research studies from major universities and hospitals that

are starting to discover all the health benefits that mushrooms can provide. 

From promoting lower cholesterol, supporting a healthy immune system to promoting improved brain activity - mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin D and Protein!



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