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About Us

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we found ourselves without work. So, having grown mushrooms in the past for fun, we decided to start a small home-based farm as a way of doing something productive...and possibly bringing some income.


Things went well enough that in 2021 we decided to take the leap and move an hour west to the town of Pahrump.  Here we put up our own buildings dedicated to growing the finest mushrooms possible!


We are proud to say that we are the only mushroom farm in the Southwest growing exclusively with mineral rich well water. Mushrooms are 85% water and we certainly taste the difference from when we grew them with city water!

Now we are excited to bring you a line of frozen meat replacement products made exclusively from our own grown mushrooms. We control the entire process, ensuring you get the finest, most nutritious products avaiable!

Las Vegas Chefs Using Our Products

What do these top chefs in Las Vegas know that you don't?

That Atomic Mushrooms is growing the best mushrooms in the valley!

All of these Las Vegas Chefs  have incorporated Atomic Mushrooms into their delicious menus!


Chef Jamie Tran - The Black Sheep

Chef Patrick Munster - Main Street Provisions

Chef Matt Meyer - 138

Chef Kenny Chye - Chef Kenny's Vegan Dim Sum/Vegan Asian Kitchen

Chef Gina Marinelli - La Strega

Chef Roman Allen - Pepper Club

Chef Nick Aoki - Piero's 

Chef Pete Ghione/Chef Kendall Steeno - Canyon Ranch

Chef Lenny Scotti - Mimi & Coco Bistro/Cook Academi

Chef Marc Sgrizzi - Chef Marc's Trattoria

Chef Oscar Amador - Edo/Anima

Chef Marty Lopez - Scotch 80

Chef Stephen Ross - Moneyline Pizza

Chef Nicole Brisson - Brezza

Chef Stephen Parker II - Down 2 Earth

Just a partial list...but some great chefery (is that a word?) going on here!

Stay tuned here because we're building a library with these great chefs cooking up some amazing dishes with our products - to give you some great ideas and techniques that you can use!

Retail Outlets For Our Products

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